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Since 2000

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

- George Bernard Shaw

Bouquet Garni is a company that provides distinguished private cooking services for families, holiday groups and their guests of up to twenty people. Rent a holiday villa and call us to upgrade it into premium private restaurant for you. If you are a real estate rental professional, enrich you service list to your clients presenting what we offer. Our specialization in homemade Greek, Mediterranean and Russian Cuisine menus, which are characterized as high quality, healthy and nutritious, will make your family, clients and guests more than pleased. Feel safe for your children, as we will take care for them with special menus.

Our approach


Our company’s’ dynamic and energetic team of cooks has a more than 18 years’ experience serving many types of plain old gourmet dishes, always based on pure ingredients from local farmers, breeders and fishermen. Bouquet Garni has also a collection of more than 300 different wines of different tastes. Our company’s’ wine bar is available for you with suggestions for perfect pairs with our food creations. Our deep knowledge of how food and wine work together in harmony comes from an extensive training in Greek wine varieties. Discretion, confidentiality and calm will always characterize our staff’s actions in order to provide you with the feeling of intimacy and security. Good food through your stay is a major factor for unforgettable holidays and for successful professional deals. Our holiday cook services is the perfect way for this. We will take care of everything from start to finish, bring all the necessary ingredients, prepare your dishes, serve food, and clean up afterwards. All you will have to do is take a rest and enjoy with your way.